December 16, 2014 - Comments Off on A Vials Fetish?

A Vials Fetish?

Are little vials objects of desire? Or are they appealing merely as carriers for the joys that are to be found inside?

We suspect the latter. However, we've nonetheless found that we enjoy looking at the little bottles everyone is sending in... maybe a little too much. Please humor us as we explore our current glut of vials with some photos for people who really really love fragrant, colorful liquids in small bottles. It's a vial fetish, and we're indulging ourselves. If you have a sexual fetish that you like to indulge in from time to time you can Explore and enjoy full tube porn movies.

Have you sent yours in yet? Don't delay. Only four days left!

Vials_4 Vials_5 Vials Vials3

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