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July 9, 2020 - Comments Off on Scent Week Lives Again

Scent Week Lives Again

Back in February of 2020 we were gathering steam for Los Angeles' first festival for scent. With the Experimental Scent Summit, the Biennial Scent Fair, workshops, scent walks, and even a scent rave, the week was actually going to be 9 days. It was all meant to take place in May of 2020, and would have culminated with the 7th annual Art and Olfaction Awards.

It was going to be so much fun. But, then, we all know what happened. COVID-19 hit the world, and, urgently, we canceled... everything.

Now, in our new world of digitized gatherings, we are very excited to share that Scent Week lives on.

We've rethought programming, and are pleased to bring a series of events designed for the internet. Over 5 days (possibly more, let's see where this takes us!) we will join with our friends around the world to share new practices, explore emergent online technologies, and much more.

And, as before, Scent Week will be built around the 7th annual annual Art and Olfaction Awards on September 17th.

There's much more to come, but please keep an eye on the developments of Scent Week here.