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January 12, 2015 - Comments Off on The first day of judging is upon us.

The first day of judging is upon us.

We are so pleased to announce that after several months of processing submissions, we've finally started the judging process.


Upstairs, downstairs

The first judge to arrive today at 3pm was early-adopter Daniel Krasofski (on Artisan and Independent), followed by experimental judges Marcos Lutyens, Bettina Hubby and Mark Allen. Sherri Sebastian closed out the session judging the artisan and independent categories while our lab-cat Mush Mush did the important job of keeping the carpet in place (try to spot her in the photo).

Many of the judges who came today have decided to come back to revisit the scents later this week - making sure they are being as fair as can be and giving each submission as much time as they can.

Tomorrow we have a secondary session, and then Friday, and then so on until the end of January. At that point we will compile the scores and establish the finalists - which then get sent to the finals judges and announced at Esxence, Milan in March. There's a lot to get through, but we're so excited to get started!


Curious to know who's judging the submissions? Learn more about our judges for 2015, here. And learn about our judging process here.

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