February 15, 2015 - Comments Off on A Submissions Update

A Submissions Update

We have tallied the preliminary scores, and we now know who the finalists are. It is a secret that is painful to keep. However, we cannot share this information publicly just yet!

If you submitted to the awards, we are extremely sensitive to the frustration that a delay can cause. For that reason, we have decided to contact all the submitters privately in the coming weeks with their status - long before our public announcement at Esxence on March 26th, 14:00 pm in Milan.  So - if you submitted - please keep an eye out in the mail (or email) for a note from us: The letters are going out on Monday.

We would also like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the awards by sending their work to us. Each submission was carefully assessed by every single judge over the course of a month. We took pains to treat the perfumes entrusted to us with the utmost care and respect. This is because we know that without you - dear submitters - there is no us.

We are reminded daily that the artisan and independent perfume community is just that - a community! We take our role in it seriously, and we value it - and you - highly.

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