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4th A+O Awards submissions, in the numbers

On Monday we closed submissions, and we've had a little time to crunch the numbers. Below are some statistics, and some modest conclusions.

Here was the breakdown of total submissions:
Last year (2015/2016)

- Artisan: 56% of total submissions
- Independent: 27% of total submissions
- Sadakichi Award: 17% of total submissions

This year (2016/2017)
- Artisan: 46% of total submissions
- Independent: 38% of total submissions
- Sadakichi Award: 16% of total submissions

As the numbers show, the artisan category is still the most popular category. However, we are also seeing a bit of an 'evening out' effect, with the independent category increasing (proportional to the whole), and the Sadakichi Award remaining, more or less, the same (proportional to the whole).

However, these numbers can be a little misleading, as overall we saw an increase of 68% of the total submissions. So, in fact, in cold hard submission numbers (which we do not publish), each category grew, by quite a bit.

Category by category, here is the % increase in submissions, from last year to this year:

Overall: 68% increase in actual submissions
- Artisan:
39% increase in actual submissions
- Independent: 133% increase in actual submissions
- Sadakichi Award: 60% increase in actual submissions

Below is a graph we put together of the total breakdown.


The majority of submissions came from the USA, followed by France, England, Germany, Italy and Australia. This is similar to last year, although the margins are tightening. Thus submissions from the USA, as an example, are less (proportional to the whole) than they were last year, but - in the absolute - they are higher than they were last year.

If you're curious, here are the numbers from 2015/2016.

Thanks to everyone who participated! It's going to be a stellar year.


Any questions? As always, email us at [email protected]


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