Saskia Wilson-Brown
General Manager + Founder
[email protected]
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Minetta Rogers
Operations Manager
[email protected]
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Maxwell Wiliams
Press + Communications Manager
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Kendra Gaeta
Producer + Marketing Strategist
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Micah Hahn
Creative Director
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There are countless people who have stepped in to help with the Art and Olfaction Awards through the years. Here is an incomplete list.

Adam Eastwood
Alejandro Cohen
Ashley Eden Kessler
Ashraf Osman
Benjamin Judkewitz
Bruno Fazzolari
Dana El Masri
Dr. Claus Noppeney
Elena Knezevic
Franco Wright
Helder Suffenplan
Kendra Gaeta
Jeffrey Paul
Jon Weil
Julianne Lee
Lakenda Wallace
Mandy Aftel
Mark Behnke
Mark Loveday
Mark McNeill
Maxwell Williams
Michelyn Camen
Mirta Gilson
Nickie Jones
Rubia Chaudri
Ulrike Knöll
Sarah Horowitz-Thran
Sherri Sebastian


The core of the Art and Olfaction Awards lies in the hard work done by the judges, who receive no renumeration for their work.

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