by Pryn Parfum (Thailand)

CD/ Perfumer: Prin Lomros
Fragrance House: In-House Production
Release Date: 09/2016 (Source: Fragrances of the World Database)
Finalist Category: Artisan, 2017

The name Rosuerrier derives from French words, ’rose’ and ‘guerrier' (rose and warrior). This atypical rose scent is in honour of the historical journey of a great woman, Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc); the martyr, the saint and a legendary military leader.Rosuerrier composed of exotic spice, incense and Vigorous Rose, a hybrid of 3 types of roses which suits both men and women. Each notes in this scent is a narrative representation of Jeanne d’Arc’s life. The roses are from her childhood when she had a vision of Archangel Michael in her father’s garden. Spices and wood represent her great leadership when she served the French’s military. Lastly, incense, represent her canonisation as saint by Pope Benedict XV.

Journey, a collective experience of all surroundings. A blend of physique and sentiment. Mixture of heritage, tradition, culture and art. The art of perfumery is a sensorial way of storytelling. Each scent of PRYN PARFUM portrays story from different journeys through eccentric ingredients. Reflecting a distinctive characteristic of the passage.

A reminiscence of peculiar odyssey. “Story is a must for art” This is what I learn from film school. The story of art represent human expression which usually influenced by culture and driven by human creativity. This perfumery, PRYN PARFUM, is a projection of my stories. Not only filled with deviant materials chosen from the best sources but each scent also connotes its own context.
– Pryn Lomros - Founder / Perfumer