Wilhelm Perfume specializes in giving each product in its vast product range its own, unique fragrance profile. Indeed, their projects are noticeable for their multi-sensory aspects. Not only do they remain in the noses of the customers, they also remain in their memories. Up until now, bespoke fragrance creations have only been for large customers. With Wilhelm Perfume, however, small and medium-sized enterprises are now also able to create their own custom fragrances.

Andreas Wilhelm and his team develop fragrances on a made-to-order basis for industry, advertising and private people. Capable of handling the biggest and the smallest projects alike, Wilhelm Fragrance projects often include corporate identity fragrance branding, signature scents, aromatic recipes for the food and drink industry, and bespoke personal fragrance. With Wilhelm Perfume, everything is possible.

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We are excited to partner with Wilhelm Perfume at the 2017 Art and Olfaction Awards. Wilhelm Perfume is specifically supporting the one-day symposium on May 5, and the Art and Olfaction Awards on May 6.