Osmodrama Berlin via Smeller 2.0
by Wolfgang Georgsdorf (Germany)

Project lead: Wolfgang Georgsdorf
Perfumer: Geza Schön (independent perfumer affiliated with IFF)
Collaborators: Link
Release: July 2016, St. Johannes-Evangelist-Kirche Berlin
Website: osmodrama.com
Finalist Category: Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent, 2017

Osmodrama is the artistic practice of timebased composing with scent sequences via the 'Smeller 2.0', later to be applied as a standalone or in conjunction with film, music, sound, literature, theatre, performance or any other durational form of art. Smeller is a functional installation and electronic instrument to create, arrange, record and perform compositions of complex and rapid scent sequences of random length, for collective experience: Up to every breath a new distinct smell without unintentional lingering or blurring. Smeller has been invented and built by Wolfgang Georgsdorf with the involvement of experts from numerous fields of science, art and technology to open up a new practice of olfactory storytelling and realize his vision of Osmodrama.

Austrian-born Wolfgang Georgsdorf is based in Berlin and in his forest lab in Brandenburg since the early nineties. Georgsdorf is an inventor and interdisciplinary artist in media and performing arts, mainly working at intersections and transitions between areas of art and science. The gravity fields of his work include films, orchestral music, research and works on sign language of the Deaf, or the development of instruments in music and in olfaction to explore compositional and performative practices such as Smeller and Osmodrama.