Yvettra relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles fifteen years ago, with hopes of becoming a makeup artist for music, film and television. She started out as an artist for MAC Cosmetics, where she forged the connections (and friendships) that allowed her to make her dream a reality. As she had hoped, she began working on the sets of music videos, magazine shoots, film productions, and television shows.

During hours spent at her day job in the fragrance department at Nordstrom, she began to develop a strong desire to explore the depths of perfumery. Learning as much as she could about the field, she was awarded the Fragrance Sales Specialist title by the prestigious Fragrance Foundation in 2008. It was also at Nordstrom that she met respected niche perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran.

In 2010, she began an apprenticeship with SHP Parfums, which eventually lead to a position of Junior Perfumer. She continues working with SHP Parfums to this day. However, her passion for scent has led her to maintain her interest in retail. After all, it's at the perfume counter that she could most readily experience new releases, and get a sense of people's reactions. So, as a part of the Luckyscent and Scent Bar team, she continues to expand her knowledge of niche and artisanal fragrances. The process of guiding someone to their signature scent or helping them add to their existing fragrance wardrobe is what she finds most rewarding.

2017 marks the fourth year of Yvettra Grantham's participation as a judge in The Art and Olfaction Awards. She will serve as a shortlisting judge, in the artisan category.