Throughout her 23 year career as a professional perfumer in New York City and Los Angeles, Sherri Sebastian has developed fragrances for the personal care, fine fragrance, air care, natural and niche markets.

Originally trained as a chemist, Sherri studied Food Science at Penn State University.  After receiving her degree, she was introduced to the art of winemaking and the subtleties of aromatic composition while apprenticing with a sixth generation wine maker in Germany.

Her professional career began in a Brooklyn flavor house, where she trained as a flavor chemist for two years. Although she enjoyed the work, she had an opportunity to join the fragrance industry, where she began to follow her true passion - perfumery.

Since then she’s created fragrances many brands, including Coty, Estee Lauder, Illume, Laura Mercier, and Kevin Murphy.

She continues to develop scents for her own company, Sebastian Signs, as well as her line Provision Scents. One of her most memorable projects to date was her role in designing fragrances for The Institute for Art and Olfaction’s ‘scent journey’, “A Trip to Japan in 16 Minutes Revisited”, which took place at the Hammer Museum’s January 2014 Exhibition.