Miriam Vareldzis holds a unique position in the world of scent: simultaneously west coast Indie Perfumer and east coast Fragrance Industry Insider. With 23 years of experience, she’s worked inside the worlds largest fragrance houses and is also the founder and creator of 40notes Perfume, her luxury-niche, Portland-based perfume company. 40notes was the 2011/2012 recipient of the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the (TasteTV) LA and San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salons.

A west coast native, she followed a dream to New York City in 1986, and unbeknownst to her at the time, her fragrance journey began. With a degree and established career in Interior Architecture in New York, her love of scent inspired a daring career change. She joined the Beauty Industry in 1991, and serendipitously landed under the mentorship of leading fragrance ‘nose’ Ann Gottlieb. Learning to smell from her mentor and develop scent in all forms, she went on to work within IFF/NY (International Flavors & Fragrances) learning the secrets of perfume creation while smelling with world class perfumers. She has developed winning scents for fine fragrance, personal care and home fragrance brands including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Unilever, Bath & Body Works, select Celebrity and Niche perfumers, as well as international hair care companies.

After the initial launch of 40notes, her curiosity of natural materials led her to delve further into the origin of these magnificent ingredients. In 2012, Miriam began working with Robertet Inc, the 160 year-old, French raw materials supplier of natural perfumery ingredients sourced from around the world.

Her specialty is guiding established and emerging west coast companies in the use of 100% natural essential oils, absolutes and isolates in the creation of their fragrances. She conducts trainings on the unique organoleptic character of naturals. This gives her the ability to engage her love of olfactive creativity, while advising on scent design and creation.

Miriam Vareldzis served as a judge at the 2015 Art and Olfaction Awards.