Currently living in Los Angeles, Laura Johnson grew up in Arizona surrounded by a very different scentscape altogether: The dry, earthy and sometimes surprising smells of the fragrant desert. Those first scents are burned into her scent memory, and a huge contributing factor to her ongoing obsession with perfume.

After studying fine art at Cornell with a concentration in photography, Laura found herself increasingly drawn to perfumery. in order to pursue that interest, she started working at Luckyscent and Scent Bar in 2011. Even though she's loved smells for as long as she can remember, working at Scent Bar has deeply broadened her knowledge and appreciation for the art and technical challenges of perfumery. She has developed a strong appreciation for the transportive and emotional qualities of scent, as well as the deeply personal process of aromatic discovery. She has spent hours assessing the perfumes that come across the counter, and has developed a keen ability to put words to impressions. She is, in short, a well trained sniffer - always excited to experience more.

When she is not surrounded by perfume, she continues developing her photographic practice. Learn more about Laura here.

Laura Johnson has served as a judge in preliminary round for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Art and Olfaction Awards.