Kóan Jeff Baysa is a translational medicine physician, writer, and curator, who networks the areas of medicine and creativity, using science and design to engage, educate, and empower. He is a UCSF-trained doctor, AICA member, and Whitney Museum ISP Curatorial Fellow, using the concepts of mashups and remixes to inspire re-imagined solutions and disruptive innovations.

The Chief Medical Officer for Medical Avatar and the Founding Co-Director of the Honolulu Biennial Foundation, he has segued from a clinical practice to focus on research investigating olfactory/multisensory stimuli and their potential beneficial effects on memory loss. He was recently appointed as an International Advisor for the Daj Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan, and as a Cultural Advisor on the Board of Directors for the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations with a recent article in Centerpoint Now, the international journal of the WCPUN.

2017 marks the fourth year of Kóan Jeff Baysa's participation as a judge at The Art and Olfaction Awards. He will be judging the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent.