Ida Meister has been an active participant in the perfumed world for over twelve years. She began as a guest contributor for Elena Vosnaki’s Perfume Shrine in 2007, was interviewed by future author Alyssa Harad (of Coming To My Senses) for Perfume-Smellin’ Things (Marina Geigert of IFF) in 2008, and went on to write for Bittergrace Notes in 2009. A writer for Fragrantica from 2009-2017, she was awarded her own column entitled Scented Snippets. Ida helped found ÇaFleureBon in 2010 and was Senior Editor and Natural Perfumery Editor for 18 months, then returned in 2017 and was promoted to Deputy and Natural Perfumery Editor. Ida is a 2x Perfumed Plume Finalist for Fragrance Journalism and winner in the 2018 Science of Scent category. In 2020 she was awarded the Fragrance Foundation Editorial of the Year and the 2020 Perfumed Plume for Perfume Stories: Digital.

Ida has been a nurse in neuroscience and oncology for over 45 years, where her ability to discern specific microorganisms, stages of disease, fear and pain through the sense of smell has been extremely useful. In addition, she has been an opera singer (Boston Conservatory of Music Class of ‘81), a teacher, translator, proponent of independent and artisanal perfumers and an impassioned cook for 61 years. The link between olfaction and gastronomy is of ongoing fascination. Currently, Ida has been working privately as a consultant and evaluator for perfumers and creative directors since 2018.