In the year 2000 Harald Lubner fulfilled his dream by opening a store with exclusive perfume articles, in the heart of Hamburg. His clients receive the finest and best that the world of niche perfume has to offer. With the awareness that scents beautify people’s lives - and are an expression of the joy of living and culture - everyone can achieve their very own paradise.

Out of what the entire world has to offer, Mr. Lubner has chosen over 80 brands that distinguish themselves as particularly high-quality products. In his highly curated store, you will find fragrances in various permutations. In addition to perfumes and eaux de toilette for both men and women, Harald Lubner offers a variety of bath products, skin care products, air-freshening reeds and scented candles: Luxuries that add luminescence to your every day life.

In opposition to conventional perfumeries, Harald Lubner sets store in individualized advice,  taking the personal desires of every client into account. Committed to local business, the store works with family run enterprises for local deliveries, and also offers world-wide shipments.

2019 marks the third year of Harald Lubner's participation as a judge in The Art and Olfaction Awards. He will serve as a shortlisting judge, in the independent category.