Parisian by birth, American by choice, Fred Jacques was trained at the renowned Roure School of Perfumery in Grasse ( now Givaudan). An evaluator by passion and by trade, Fred has managed the Fine Fragrance divisions of some recognized Fragrance Houses before deciding to start his own venture with a group of friends and former colleagues: The Society of Scent. 

The Society of Scent has its own Fragrance Creation Laboratory with its own perfumery team, and Fred is leading the group to focus solely on Creation rather production as most other fragrance supplier do. Challenging conventions and existing business models has always been a thing for Fred but this time it is a complete rupture from a system and a "formula" that Fred calls "broken "and "disconnected from the consumer."

Fred's goal in this new venture is to focus on product quality, signature and differentiation as well as to redesign the full consumer experience- starting with distribution. Totally passionate about fragrance and scent in general, Fred sees the challenges that the industry is currently facing as an incredible opportunity for innovation and for a new narrative based on transparency, education, and products that deliver against the promise of emotion and elevation.

2019 marks the second year of Frederic Jacques's participation as a judge at the Art and Olfaction Awards. He will serve as a judge in the independent category. In 2018, he served as a judge for the Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume.