Daniel Krasofski

Daniel's passion for scent started at the age of five, while on a family holiday in Bermuda. Touring the islands' perfumery, he witnessed the classic floral-essence extraction method called enfleurage, instilling in him a deep connection with nature and scent.

For the following decade he became a state champion gymnast, all along collecting bottles of perfume. His ten year gymnastics career exposed him to many alternative healing modalities and eastern philosophies. After two years of art school he decided to pursue the healing arts of Ayurveda and Massage at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. Right after graduation in 1994 he became employed by the Aveda Corporation. His employment there provided an excellent introduction to classic perfumery skills, laboratory skills, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, product development and team building; skills that continue to be honed and developed.

After leaving Aveda, he moved to the American Southwest, where he had the opportunity to teach, travel and consult internationally with some of the worlds finest spa resorts (among others Canyon Ranch, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and Fairmont Hotels). With his background in Ayurvedic medicine & aromatherapy, spa product, treatment development and customized scents became his passion. He created a number of scented products and services popular with his celebrity clientele.

In 2011 he chose to step out of the spa industry to focus on his technical education in perfumery, studying with a number of independent and artisan perfumers, including - among others - the Natural Perfume Academy, Jeanne Rose, Ayala Moriel, the Natural Perfumery Institute, and Joanne Bassett. Surprisingly, one of the most fulfilling aspects of his recent study has been the profound, metaphysical connection to his grandfather and great-grandfather, both accomplished chemists.

His recent work with the Institute for Art and Olfaction - both as a supporter and as an educator - has given him the opportunity to share this passion for teaching, scent creation and a unique perspective on how scent can be used aesthetically as well as holistically.

Daniel Krasofski has serves as a judge in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 editions of the awards, in the preliminary round.