Cristiano comes to perfumery with a background in pharmaceutical studies, in which he obtained his degree in Italy. An active member of the perfumery community - with a high curiosity and passion for both the art and the industry -  he decided to attend the ISIPCA Masters in Versailles to develop and enhance his preparation as a perfumer.
He started his career in IFF Netherlands. In this position, he learnt the dynamics of the industry eventually moving to the IFF Paris Creative Center. There, his career path evolved by dint of his close working relationships with the greatest Masters. Since moving to IFF Paris, his objective has been to complete the training in order to be an integral part of the creative force that makes IFF the world-renowned company it is.

In addition to his professional work, Cristiano has been active in supporting the Osmotheque. In this capacity, he participates in many of their public events by presenting historical fragrances and by sharing the archetypes and milestones of the fragrance universe.

A lover and emerging specialist in fine fragrance, Cristiano takes every opportunity to explore synergies and contrasts in ingredients, working them out into new olfactive ideas.

2018 marks the second year of Cristiano Canali's participation as a judge in The Art and Olfaction Awards. He will serve as a finals judge, in the artisan and independent category.