Brent Leonesio is an artist, perfumer and the creator of the indie scent-maker smell bent.

Brent’s career began after studying art and art history at Sarah Lawrence College. He honed his aesthetic while working in the fashion industry, designing clothing and accessories for the brand 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent. While pursuing a career in the world of design, Brent discovered his passion for perfume.

Within a few years, he became a man obsessed – reading, sniffing and even tinkering on his own projects. In 2009, facing the closing of the company for which he’d been working, Brent decided to seize an opportunity and created his own business. He began smell bent with little more than his unemployment checks and a playful dream.

But smell bent proved to be more than a dream. Within weeks of launching, Brent realized his work struck a chord and his passion project soon became his career. Since then, Brent’s work has found an audience on a global scale. His wacky and whimsical scents have made fans both on the Internet and in the retail market. His work has grown to encompass fine fragrance, gallery work, artistic collaborations, custom and commercial formulations, teaching and recently, the creation of a smell bent comic book.

Brent Leonesio served as a judge in the first and second annual Art and Olfaction Awards