Andreas has been working as a perfumer in the industry for around 18 years. In this capacity, he acts more like a machine than an artist: Time is limited and success needs to be guaranteed, thus the strategy for creating perfumes has become quite short. Tasks are well defined and everybody knows what to do. It’s safe, well-defined, but still fun.

Currently Andreas works in Zurich Creative Center of Seluz, which is a Turkish Fragrance House. He is leading the creative perfumery in Seluz Zurich lab. This role allows him to be a child, playing around with raw materials. The neverending quest for new accords, unexpected combinations, harmonic disharmonies, hooks and technical tricks keeps him running.

Creating scents has also allowed him to become a storyteller. In his spare time he creates scents for the annual Scent Cinema in Zurich, and in the summer you may well also see him performing street art with his ventilator, telling a scented story to those who pass by.

With his own company Wilhelm Perfume, he tailors olfactive signatures for brands, creates custom-made perfumes or realizes fragrances for artists to be used for installations or exhibitions. In 2017 Andreas created the GENESIS olfactive Signature for Hyundai, and created the olfactive portion of Shirin Yousefi's KADINST award winning installation 'Tales of Cortex'. He is part of the 'Scent Festival' in Switzerland where he has his début with his first own art project: The smallest or most intimate scent installation ever seen.

Olfactive punk that he is, he recently launched his own line At, the whole formula is written on the bottle: A sort of open source project, with his ever-sarcastic eye fixed firmly on the industry.