Anahita Mekanik is the Head of Scent Creation and co-founder of Scentronix. Her non-linear path reflects her versatility and range of interests. She studied linguistics in Paris and started her career in retail of sporting goods. From there, she made the unlikely transition to the world of perfumery after moving to New York. She completed her scent development training at Firmenich, under the guidance of master perfumers. She later joined IFF as a senior scent development manager, before moving to sales. In her last role at IFF as Marketing director, she produced the Avant-Garden initiative.

Throughout the years, Anahita has pursued her love of art and developed an art practice creating sculptures with found objects. Her ambition with Algorithmic Perfumery is to open a new path allowing as many people as possible to taste the joys of creation, while learning about the art and science of perfumery.