Rubia Chaudri

A lifelong fragrance enthusiast, Rubia enjoyed discovering and learning about fragrances at a young age. The first recollection of exploring scent, started at her mother’s dresser, containing a mix of designer brands from Europe to hand made ones from South Asia and other parts of the world.

In 2016, Rubia was invited to explore LA and the idea of potentially moving there. During her visit, she signed up for her first fragrance making workshop being offered at the Institute of Art and Olfaction (IAO). It was love at first ‘sniff’ and a major deciding factor to move to LA, kickstarting her formal fragrance education.

With her fragrance making skills and experience gained at the IAO, Rubia is now an independent perfumer who makes bespoke fragrances upon request. Rubia was recently appointed as Board Member at the IAO, where she participates in program development and helps prepare for the yearly IAO fragrance awards. Rubia’s life experiences also includes Management Consulting, Mentor and being
a UN Volunteer Member where she was introduced to and has become an active spokesperson for Sustainable Development Goals.