Fatih Sultan Mehmed
by Fort and Manlé Parfum (Australia)

CD/ Perfumer: Rasei Fort and Al Manle
Fragrance House: In-House Production
Release Date: 12/2016 (Source: Brand documents)
Website: fortandmanle.com.au
Finalist Category: Artisan, 2017

Rasei Fort was inspired by his Turkish heritage and ancestry to make this perfume, a loving homage to the Ottoman Sultanic Empire and the beauty, opulence and grandeur of the palatial Topkapi Saray. He believes that it truly captures the era, ambience and luxuriousness of the time. The Royal gardens, represented by the most exquisite florals, the perfumes and attars which the Sultans wore. It symbolises the affluence of the day, and honours one of the most revered leaders, Mehmed the Conqueror.


Fort & Manlé is an independent, artisanal perfume house which is founded and wholly owned by the perfumers, themselves. Rasei Fort and Al Manlé are two friends from Melbourne who are self-taught perfumers with a passion for fragrance. Obsessive in their approach, they meticulously blend artisanal oils and the finest extracts using predominantly the most refined and exquisite naturals, botanicals and absolutes. They aim to take the user on an olfactive journey to the most exotic locales on the planet, enveloped by naturally authentic and vivid scent. Being the Jesters, they do not adhere to 'blinkered vision' can't stay within the parameters of industry norms and being the source of Regal amusement for too long. They are now embarking on a journey to take the entire Kingdom.