Launched in 2017 at the fourth Annual Art and Olfaction Awards, this discretionary award will be given on an annual basis to one outstanding person who makes significant contributions to public awareness of artisan, independent and experimental practices with scent, on an international scale.

Award qualifications:

+ The awardee will have published a substantial body of work related to or incorporating scent.
+ The awardee will have made a significant positive impact on the perception of scent as a valid cultural artifact, through public-facing activities.
+ The awardee will have a significant and sincere commitment to information-sharing and promoting access to the tools and knowledge of scent.
+ The awardee will be working on an international scale, with accessible public events in two or more countries.
+ The awardee will be currently active in scent culture or will have been active in the recent past.

The winner is decided by the board of directors of the Institute for Art and Olfaction Awards at their sole discretion, but with input from the judges, award partners and colleagues in the industry. The winner will be announced yearly, at the Art and Olfaction Awards.