by Nasomatto (The Netherlands)

CD/ Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri 
Fragrance House: In-House Production
Release Date: 09/2016 (Source: Fragrances of the World Database)
Finalist Category: Artisan, 2017

Russians often say: “Поговорим по душам” meaning let’s talk soul to soul. The souls of the participants are rejoined with the spirits. Baraonda is a spirit in a perfume bottle. Being inspired by Venedikt Yerofeyev’s book “Moscow-Petushki”, this delicate and costly creation blends the taste and the smell of a single malt whiskey, lucid dreaming and reality, burning Russian Red, personal actions and reactions. It is a sensory hurricane that surrounds one with a mixture of hot and aromatic notes and the scent of old barrels, leaving with a fruity aftertaste.

The perfumes in Nasomatto’s collection are modern, rich and full of personality, reflecting Alessandro’s explosive joie de vivre and love of all things fragranced. Each one is highly concentrated parfum extrait (the lasting power is remarkable) and presented in beautiful, stacked architectural bottles topped with wooden caps. Nasomatto is Allessandro Guialtieri.