Anti anti
by Atelier PMP (Germany)

CD: Stefanie Mayr + Daniel Plettenberg
Perfumer: Mark Buxton and David Chieze
Fragrance House: Perfume Cosmetic World
Release Date: 11/2016 (Source: Perfume Brand Press Release)
Finalist Category: Independent, 2017

anti anti is not against, it is for: for life with all its ups and downs, for people with all their differences, for freedom of mind, freedom of being. It is an ultra-modern fragrance, soft and elegant, edgy and sensuous – a work art like a contemporary sculpture, presented in a bottle made of white marble, gold and glass. anti anti is defined by an intriguing scent contradiction of warm and gentle notes of neroli and Benjoin Siam being contrasted with cold and sharp scents like red pepper, oak wood and the smokiness of birch tar. 


Atelier PMP is the Hamburg (Germany) based Niche Perfume company of Stefanie Mayr and Daniel Plettenberg. They are creating unique and outstanding concepts for perfumes that comment the issues and trends of the time, and work with world class perfume creators (noses) to create a product that is more than just another perfume: it is a scent with an attitude, a perfumed reflection of our times, a statement.