by Aether Arts Perfume (US)

CD/ Perfumer: Amber Jobin
Release Date: 03/2017
Finalist Category: Artisan, 2017

What is the one object that has become ubiquitous, that is always nearby if not on one’s actual person, an object that in some form crosses all gender, cultural, and socioeconomic spaces? An object that possesses great power, that can bring us help, that can connect us to those we love, an object that if we forget it, causes no small anxiety: the cell phone. The cell phone has become the talisman of our modern age. A kind of metaphorical worry stone or touchstone if you will, we can’t keep our hands off it. It reassures us and connects us when we are lonely or afraid and could literally save your life in some situations.

The cell phone as perfume, the cell phone as a modern day talisman, a metaphorical worry stone, an object that rarely leaves our person—that’s the concept behind this scent.

Drawing inspiration from the physical materials that cell phones are made of:  Tantalum, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Gold, a bit of Copper—aroma molecules and botanical notes dance together to create a scent both metallic and mineral—a union of earth and air, flashes of color in a silvery cloud of aether, conveying the invisible signals of our daily data.

Touchstone was created by Amber Jobin and was part of Project Talisman, a multi-perfumer project created by

Using the chroma of aroma to paint portraits of places and things longed-for, remembered or invented, Aether Arts Perfumes are created in the rarified air of Boulder, Colorado by award-winning perfumer, Amber Jobin. “As a perfumer, I am fascinated by the shared experience of perfume. I believe that fragrances have incredible potential, not just as beautiful smells but as a vehicle of self-expression, personal growth and wearable art. Perfume as an interpersonal art form is my passion. I create Art in Air.”