Rose Olivier
by Bastide (France)

Perfumer: Mathieu Nardin
CD: Frederic Fekkai
Release Date: 01/2017
Finalist Category: Independent, 2017

Bastide Rose Olivier is a modern, surprising rose – a green, yet floral fragrance.  In the south of France, a rose brush grows intertwined with the olive tree, symbiotically and inextricably married in their roots, branches, aromas, and souls.  The rose brush climbs up the trunk of the tree, blooming roses along the powerful branches of the olive tree, creating a memorable sight and an unforgettable aroma.  Rose Olivier is a nuanced rose, with head notes of bergamot, juicy tangerine, lychee; heart notes of centifolia rose from Grasse, pink peony, olive leaf; and dry down notes of crisp amber, musk, white cedar-wood, and cashmere woods.

Bastide is a house of Beauty & Well-Being that celebrates the terroir, artisanship, and lifestyle of Provence, the hometown of our CEO & co-founder, Frédéric Fekkai.  Fekkai, together with his wife Shirin von Wulffen, preserved a heritage brand from Aix-en-Provence, France, and gave it new life as Bastide in 2017.  Bastide is a collection of fragrance, beauty, and home products, all 100% non-toxic and made by Beautisans (beauty + artisans) in Provence, France.  The products are sourced and crafted locally, using generations of artisansal savoir-faire and potent plants of the region.