Impressions de Giverny
by Fort and Manlé (Australia)

CD/ Perfumer: Rasei Fort
Fragrance House: In-House Production
Release Date: 12/2017
Finalist Category: Artisan, 2018

Le Jardin à Giverny is a hypnotic kaleidoscope of vibrant florals from eloquent tulips to iridescent iris. The heady fragrance of tuberose coupled with the refined fragrance of rose overwhelm the senses whilst the clamour of poppies and enchanting peonies adorn the flowerbeds. A mélange of rare exotic blooms and unpretentious native flora, all coexisting in delicate harmony. This fragrance is my impression of Le Jardin à Giverny in scent, the beauty of the air that cannot be achieved by the brush. An olfactive journey of Monet’s vision for a Japanese garden in the heart of Normandy.

Fort & Manlé is an artisanal perfume house based in Melbourne, Australia, who specialise in luxury handcrafted fragrances. It is founded and wholly owned by self-taught perfumer, Rasei Fort. At  Fort and Manlé, we predominately use the finest natural raw materials in order to create innovative, olfactive scent profiles that are inspired by history, culture and personal experiences.