Club Design
by The Zoo (US/Germany)

CD/ Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel
Fragrance House: In-House Production
Release Date: 10/2017
Finalist Category: Artisan, 2018

Scent Soft leather and sexy musks join forces to recreate the special atmosphere of a sexy lounge. Atlas cedar increases mystery, molecular sandalwood and the smokiness from lilies and styrax accentuate sensuality. The leather note comes from a headspace analysis of new Spanish leather combined with the natural leathery smell of mimosa extracts. A sliver of bright notes found in blackcurrant and grapefruit lights up the top of the fragrance.

Why THE ZOO®? We see each of our fragrances as animals. They compose a menagerie of colors and personalities, requiring exotic ingredients from around the world. They are blended by Christophe to deliver intrigue, surprise and comfort, and shipped in natural woolen pouches where they long for you to unleash them. For each, you will enjoy a set of dreams, anecdotes and twists. As in any respectable zoo, check out the guide and watch for The Zoo® police below, to protect you and our creations. Have fun, sniff back and relax!