Ankh Sun Amon
by Anima Mundi Perfume (Italy)

Perfumer: Cristian Calabrò and Andrea Casotti
CD: Emilia Chinigò
Release Date: 09/2017
Finalist Category: Independent, 2018

A mysterious, seductive scent, rich of precious and rare components that recall ships full of resins, great quantities of myrrh, incense and opoponax coming from Arabia, still living in the secrets of the pyramids. Ancient Egyptians ruled the world according to the teachings of Maat, the god of justice and cosmic order, and Thot, the god of wisdom who also presided over the art of perfume composition. Nefertem, represented with a lotus flower on his head, was the real god of perfumes.
Cleopatra and Hatsepsuit Queen were great estimators of oils and essences.


Anima Mundi is a journey back to the most fascinating and remote periods of human history. Those which gave rise to writing and philosophy, the great religions and the imposing architectures which still evoke emotions and deep admiration. It was from those distant times, in lands inhabited by peoples surrounded by mysteries, where the art of perfumery also arose: ritual knowledge carried out with fumes and secretly handed down by ancient masters.

Preserved texts and engravings found on temples have served as our inspiration for this exclusive signature collection which celebrates the greatest civilisations of the past and their sophisticated olfactory practices. The Latins, Egyptians, Maya, Nabataeans, and Dravidians all live again in the atmospheres invoked by the precious heritage of olfactory knowledge that has been handed down on the walls of the villas of Pompeii, in the laboratories of the Pyramids, in the manuscripts of the Mayan Codes, in the Ayurvedic texts.

The secrets of these blends come from natural components that were once used for fumigation, the recipes suggested by the ancient herbals and the most sought-after spices carried on the Perfume Road.

Each fragrance is an atavistic call that crosses temporal and geographical distances.
Each perfume is the essence of a people and the echo of a philosophical principle that goes back to the dawn of time: the Soul of the World, the "breath" that gives life, the creative spirit that forms the Universe.