by Bijon (Germany)

Perfumer: Cécile Zarokian
CD: Oliver Babic
Release Date: 01/2017
Website: bijon-parfums.de
Finalist Category: Independent, 2017

The perfume is meant as kind of opposite of the "you are the king, success etc." kind of fragrances. The fragrance is bold and wild, it stand for the inner strength of someone having success. Especially when the success wasn´t easy, many fronlines had to be overcome and selfesteem and confidence had to be build. it´s a fragrance of inner power of focus on the goal and go for it no mater what others say.

And of course satisfaction (made it even they said i won´t). The fragrance is wild, loud and full of everything. Just like someone fighting.

Bijon is based in Hamburg, Germany. It´s a very young and till now very small company. The production is on small scale and quiet selected retail stores. The Company doen´t really follow trends. The fragrances are all coming from "one thought" ideas, and not overanalyzed concepts. Bijon focusses on the perfumes, and not on the outside bottle. It doesn´t want to rush to growth. It takes its time, keeps the focus on the scents, and releases perfumes when the moment is right.