Bee's Bliss
by Sonoma Scent Studio (US)

CD/ Perfumer: Laurie Erickson
Fragrance House: In-House Production
Release Date: 12/2017
Finalist Category: Artisan, 2017

Cozy sunshine warms your skin while the happy buzzing of honeybees accompanies your stroll through a beautiful blooming summer garden. Inspired by this soothing scene, our sunny yet sophisticated feminine fragrance features a rich floral heart with an exquisite natural mimosa extract as well as jasmine sambac, orange blossom, lilac, and heliotrope. To complement the floral notes, we’ve used bergamot, apricot, peach, iris, beeswax, honey, vetiver, green leaves, benzoin, amber, oakmoss, patchouli, and musk, all blended into an organic grain alcohol base. After several hours, the amber drydown provides a sweet and comforting skin scent, still lightly kissed by soft honeyed florals.

Sonoma Scent Studio, founded in 2004 by artisan perfumer Laurie Erickson, is located in the Sonoma wine country town of Healdsburg. The perfumery offers small batch artisan fragrances handcrafted with high levels of beautiful natural ingredients in an all-natural base of organic grain alcohol. Inspiration for the scents comes from the appeal of the ingredients themselves and from the beauty of the natural world. You’ll find scents inspired by things like a walk in the woods, an evening campfire, and a late summer afternoon in the warm, golden sunshine. These fragrances not only smell good, but also bring to life some of your treasured scent memories captured in a bottle.