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We're thrilled to announce that submissions for the 5th annual Art and Olfaction Awards are open. We accept submissions from perfumers, brands and experimental practitioners with scent from all countries, for perfumes (and experimental projects) first released to market between January 1 and December 31, 2017.


We've updated the qualifiers for the artisan category. We did this after much thought and feedback, in order to better allow for the various approaches (and regulations) required on the international level.

We've also added a new discretionary award: The Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume.

This award will be given on an annual basis to one outstanding small batch perfume that was perfumer-created with no use of outsourced compounding or expansion at any stage of the process. In other words, every aspect of the final perfume for sale must have been created through the direct labor and immediate oversight of the perfumer, then released under the perfumer's own brand.

We created this award to honour the community of devoted artisan perfumers who helped launch the awards in 2014, and to do justice to a vision of artisanal perfumery best elucidated by Mandy Aftel through her teachings, writings and creative practice.



We accept submissions from independent and artisan perfumers, and experimental practitioners with scent from all countries. 
Brands must be independently owned, or owned by a parent company with no more than four fine fragrance holdings in its brand portfolio.

For the 5th annual awards, we accept perfumes first released to market between January 1 and December 31, 2017.

We will accept submissions in three categories: Independent, artisan and experimental. Please take a moment to review how we define these categories.

Do you have any questions about which category you fall under, or if your perfume qualifies as a first release? Please email us at



Submissions close on November 1st, 11:59pm PST
Physical submissions must be received on or before November 14th, 2017

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