December 1, 2017 - Comments Off on Submissions are off to the judges!

Submissions are off to the judges!

After 2 long months of filling little vials, chasing submissions lost in the mail and coordinating lots and lots of data, we were finally able to prepare the judging packages, and send them on their way.

First step was to gather all the submissions in each category and create a pack of vials for each judge. This process looks something like this... Not pictured: Micah, Saskia, massive amounts of pizza, and two inquisitive cats.

Once that's all done, we are finally able to assemble the vials, the judging texts and the scent strips into a box, and send it on its way.

First, however, we have to go through the submissions for each judge, and make sure that judges are not receiving samples they have a personal stake in. We do this based on what the judges have disclosed to us in their self-disclosure form, and based on our own research. We mark those submissions in the judging form, individualized - of course - for each of our judges.

Here's an example of what that looks like, for one of the judges in our artisan category:

We then package it all together, and send it along (praying to Hermes - the Greek messenger god - that it all arrives safely). Final photo: Saskia's table, while she puts together one of the judging packages for the artisan category. Messy, but effective.

And there we go! The submissions process is hereby declared... over.

The next step is for the judges to start their assessments. We'll keep you posted on how that's all going, here.



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