February 27, 2015 · Comments Off on The Great Beer Company: Hollywood Blonde

The Great Beer Company: Hollywood Blonde


Inspired by the Kölsch beers of Germany, HOLLYWOOD BLONDE combines the rich full flavor of an ale with the delicate softness of a fine lager. Our award-winning brewmaster, MB Raines-Casselman, has revived a long-lost brewing process which gives this shimmering golden beer a subtle but distinctive hop finish to complement its rich smooth maltiness. Elegant and sophisticated, yet lively and refreshing, HOLLYWOOD BLONDE can be enjoyed alone or served with a fine meal.

HOLLYWOOD BLONDE is produced by The Great Beer Company, a Los Angeles-based brewing company that - quite frankly - lives up to its name. We try to work with good people at the Art and Olfaction Awards, and these people are good. As 2015 marks the second year of this partnership, we are doubly grateful to them for taking a chance on us, and for supporting artisan and independent perfume.

Learn more about The Great Beer Company and Hollywood Blonde at their website.