Sarah McCartney started making fragrances in 2010 after 14 years writing about them; she created the real versions of aromas she'd imagined for a novel, and decided to launch them without having the slightest clue how difficult it is to set up an indie perfumery.

Now she runs 4160Tuesdays from a small studio in West London, sells through a handful a shops worldwide and has no particular ambitions beyond staying in business and creating interesting fragrances for her own brand and other indies, including Reek, Handsome London and Zoologist. Sarah is a qualified yoga teacher and has just created a new brand, Our Modern Lives, which combines her interests in scent, yoga and music. 

She hears perfume as musical notes, probably as a result of playing in many bands a long time ago. 

2018 marks the first year of Sarah McCartney's participation as a judge in The Art and Olfaction Awards. She will serve as a shortlisting judge, in the independent category.