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April 27, 2016 - Comments Off on A fresh challenge, some decisions

A fresh challenge, some decisions

Dear friends,

It’s no big mystery that running the Art and Olfaction Awards is not an easy task. We’re a very small non-profit, with an unpaid 'staff' of one person (me!) supported by a tiny but powerful board of directors, as well as our team of judges, our friends-slash-volunteers, our past participants, and our partners. 

The awards themselves were only founded a few short years ago in 2014. As far as these things go, we’re still a tiny baby. And, like tiny babies you have known and loved, we’re learning as we go along.

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April 12, 2016 - Comments Off on Perfumed Plume Award Winners Announced

Perfumed Plume Award Winners Announced

Our friends at the Perfumed Plume Awards held their first ever awards ceremony last week in New York. We wish to extend our heartiest congratulations to co-founders Lyn Leigh,  Mary Ellen Lapsansky - and to all the winners.

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April 1, 2016 - Comments Off on Announcing the finalists

Announcing the finalists

Today at 1pm, Central European time, members of the Art and Olfaction Awards judging panel joined founder Saskia Wilson-Brown to announce the finalists of the third annual awards.

judgedLuca Turin gave a small talk about the meaning of awards, in general
Mark Behnke introduced the judging methods, and the judges
Antonio Gardoni introduced the artisan finalists
Sherri Sebastian introduced the independent finalists
Ashraf Osman introduced the experimental finalists
Saskia Wilson-Brown thanked the partners of the Art and Olfaction Awards, and the members of the judging panel that were on hand.

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